Matcha - Organic Ceremonial Grade

Only the very best will do which is why here at Shibui we have chosen this amazing organic ceremonial grade Matcha tea from Japan.

It's vivid and bright green in colour and is of a great quality.

Preparation guidelines:

      1. Boil fresh water - it's always best to use fresh water in the kettle rather than reboil the water from a previous boil.
      2. Let the water cool to around 80°C.  This can take around 10 minutes.
      3. Put ½ teaspoon into a matcha bowl or mug.
      4. Whisk until a fine froth appears.  Be careful if using an electric whisk that it does not spray.  It should take around 10-15 seconds of whisking and you have your matcha.
      5. Taste, drink and enjoy!

If you're wanting to make lattes or smoothies then try our everyday organic Matcha tea.

Ingredients:  Organic Japanese Green Tea.

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Type: Green

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