Matcha - Organic Premium Grade - for everyday use

It's matcha - it's super tea - it's organic.  What's not to love?

We have a great everyday organic matcha here.  High premium quality ideal as a introduction to drinking matcha or for everyday culinary uses.  

That means it's perfect for smoothies, lattes and for use in cooking.  Also as it comes in a larger 100g bag for the same price as our 30g tin of ceremonial matcha it makes this the more economic option for this purpose.

Want to make a matcha latte?  Here's a very simple recipe:

Preparation guidelines:

      1. Boil fresh water - it's always best to use fresh water in the kettle rather than reboil the water from a previous boil.
      2. Let the water cool to around 80°C.  This can take around 10 minutes or if you're time pressured you could decant it into a different mug back and forth a few times.  4 or 5 decants should bring the temperature down nicely.
      3. Put ½ teaspoon into a matcha bowl or mug and then add 50ml of the cooled boiled water.
      4. Now whisk until all the matcha is dissolved.
      5. Add 200ml of hot milk.
      6. Add honey or a little bit of sugar to taste.
      7. That's it - you're done - taste, drink and enjoy!
      8. Feel great and spread the matcha word.

Ingredients:  Organic Japanese Green Tea.

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